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Thursday, March 15, 2012

All Cooped Up!

As you may remember, a while back I posted that we were getting ready to get chickens.  If you missed it, or need a refresher, just click HERE !

At any rate, we spent last weekend finishing up the chicken coop.  Foolishly, I thought the hardest part was done: making the base and the basic structure of the coop.  I had completely underestimated the aggravation involved in attaching doors that weren't square to a structure that wasn't square.

I also completely underestimated a reciprocating saw's usefulness as a dental tool.

Specifically, it can rattle the fillings right out of your teeth.  Good to know.

Also, when attempting to use a reciprocating saw to cut plywood that's balanced on two milk crates, if you have not braced it appropriately it will bounce all over, cut the crap out of everything EXCEPT what you intended to cut, and threaten to remove several of your hubby's digits.  Which he won't appreciate, by the way.

We've got a few little housekeeping details we need to take care of (like nesting boxes, for one), but we are basically ready for chickens!  Between now and the end of March we're going to finish up those little details, and then...we're buying chickens!

Here it is - the ugliest chicken coop in North Carolina!


  1. Hey I think its coming along nicely - unless - I don't know what a nice chicken coop looks like. Perhaps that's it. Did you really lose a filing? Ugh!

    1. Not literally, but it sure felt like it! LOL