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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cooking With Fire

Welcome back, gentle readers!  Long time, no read!

Yes, I know it's been a while.  I have several very good excuses reasons for my absence - really!  Actually, up until the last little bit, I've been working a second shift job.  Now, you wouldn't think this would affect my writing, would you?

Well, surprise!  It did.  Horribly.  It turns out that keeping such odd hours does interfere with the flow of creative juices - also, as a machinist I discovered that my hands were incredibly sore and not at all able to type fast enough to keep up with my brain.

Happily, my new job allows me a much more normal schedule - no more sleeping during the day!  It also allows me to go back to cooking for my family.  An extra bonus!

Hubby and I have been trying out some new eating styles in our quest for a healthier life.  We decided to try the Mediterranean diet because we typically love Greek food, although we'd never really tried to make it for ourselves. (No, assembling a gyro does NOT actually count!)

After some internet searching I came across eMeals.  This was not actually the first time I'd heard about this service.  A couple of years ago, I saw a reference to eMeals on a blog I follow.  At the time, I thought it was one of those weird diet plans that mails you your food...I was not interested.

But this time, instead of making assumptions I actually checked out their website.

(I know, research instead of assumptions...what a concept!)

I was surprised to find that they provide menus at a more than reasonable price.  And when I say more than reasonable, you should know that I used to feed a family of four for $75 a month on a regular basis.  I am, in a word, cheap.

So what qualifies as a reasonable price?  Well, we decided to try the service out for three months - a trial period, if you will - for a grand total of $30.  That's $10 a month for someone else to create a dinner menu and a shopping list for that menu.

Honestly?  My time is worth far more than $10 an hour, never mind a month.  We were able to choose the Mediterranean diet from a list of options that included Paleo, low fat, low carb, and several others.  There's even a Classic Menu, for those of you jonesing for one of those meat-and-potato meals you ate when you were seven years old and didn't even know what a carb was.

So now we're cooking with fire.  And olives.  And olive oil.  And a lot of fruit and vegetables.  Every meal we've tried has been wonderfully seasoned with generous portions.  And this is just the first week!

I can't wait to see what next week's menu has in store for us!

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